Scalable Distributed Infrastructure for the Internet Computer

Scaling shouldn't be painful

Worried about data being persisted or how your data structure will scale across canisters? CanScale can help you focus more on building out your vision, and spend less time thinking about how to scale out your multi canister architecture on the IC.

CanScale aims to transform the Web3 developer experience on the Internet Computer by providing a suite of simple scalable distributed architecture equivalents to what exists on Web2 today.

Meet CanDB

CanDB is a flexible, performant, and horizontally scalable non-relational multi-canister database built for the Internet Computer.


  • Familiar NoSQL API

  • Abstracts and automates the scale and complexity of dealing with data partitioned amongst multiple canisters

  • Data is persisted through canister upgrades

2022 Roadmap

Prior completion ✓✓

Completed Mid-April '22 ✓✓

Mid/Late Q2 (✓✓)

Mid/Late Q3 (In Progress)